Simplify cloud management
and governance

with IA-Cloud from LABS

Cloud management
and governance
doesn’t have to
be complicated

The rise of modern cloud infrastructure has left companies asking how best to manage and utilise their new cloud estates – whether it’s traditional virtual machine usage or more advanced platform services. This is coupled with the fact that deep technical skills are required to manage modern cloud environments, but demand is outstripping supply in virtually every industry.

How can companies of all sizes manage things effectively and proactively as well as securely?
IA-Cloud is designed to help customers do just that.

Take control
of your cloud

IA-Cloud is a SaaS based cloud governance and management service designed to help customers get the most out of the cloud with less effort.

IA-Cloud enables:


Simplified management, monitoring, governance and cost control, as well as real-world optimisation services.

Cloud-native monitoring that works with traditional virtual machines in the cloud, as well as cloud-based serverless resources.

Automated onboarding of new resources, as well as documenting your cloud environment as if you had your own technical consultant.

IA-Cloud helps remove the complexity of cloud and is compatible with Microsoft Azure and AWS.*
IA-Cloud – Intelligent Automation for the cloud, made simple.

*Coming soon.

“IA-Cloud giving you that
very quick access and
visibility saves you a lot of
time and a lot of money.”

Mike Cook, ICT Manager
at Sheffield City Trust

“IA-Cloud giving you that very quick access and
visibility saves you a lot of time
and a lot of money.”

Mike Cook, ICT Manager
at Sheffield City Trust

Change your game with IA-Cloud

Many customers want a one-stop shop for managing their cloud services, but these are difficult to come by. IA-Cloud is designed by technical cloud experts with over 30 years’ experience to bring together the features we know customers want into a single pane of glass.

BAU automation

Maintaining your cloud environment in the best possible condition requires continuous effort, especially if the environment is undergoing multiple expansions or changes.
Are your resources being backed up? Have they been enabled for it? What about OS patching? Malware detection and reporting?
IA-Cloud takes your BAU to the next level, by automating important everyday tasks as your resources are created or modified.

All this and so much more…

Starting from
scratch? IA-Cloud
can do that too

While IA-Cloud helps you get the best out of your existing cloud estate, it also includes services to help small-to-medium business (SMB) customers get started with the cloud.

Enhance IA-Cloud with Ultima’s Managed Cloud

While IA-Cloud is a SaaS-based tool to help your existing technical staff enhance your cloud estate, what happens where you need that additional technical expertise on hand for full management? Ultima has the capability to elevate your experience with additional services alongside the IA-Cloud tooling to give you that technical expertise you need.


IA-Cloud Platform Only

Get started with your own internal resources. Invite as many internal users to the platform from your company as you need to manage your cloud environments.


Ultima’s Cloud Break-fix service

This is the same as our IA-Cloud platform-only offering but is designed for customers who want extra peace of mind and someone to call if the worst happens, or if they are in a bind and require some expertise.


Ultima’s Managed Cloud

For customers who are looking for a fully managed cloud service. Our technical experts from 24×7 managed service center are combined with our IA-Cloud tooling and Ultima’s ServiceNow ITSM platform. With our combined services our customers are backed by Ultima every step of the way in managing and administering your cloud estate. Check out our Managed Cloud brochure here.


Partner With Us: IA-Cloud’s Partner Centre

The IA-Cloud Platform is a valuable resource for partners like MSPs and well as for end customers. It’s ideal for MPSs who are experiencing talent shortages but who want to win and retain customers by doing more with less.

The lack of technical talent is now one of the biggest barriers to adopting new technologies and services, according to Gartner.[1]

So adopting automation and simplified services is now a game-changer for partners who want to do more for their customer base.

Expand your portfolio

That’s why our products are built not just with end customers in mind, but with partners and service providers too. IA-Cloud’s Platform for partners allows you to provide your business and your end customers with capabilities that would take months or years of time and effort to develop in house. They also give you an edge over your competitors, while allowing your staff to get more time back to add more value.

As well as the platform’s capabilities, the IA-Cloud’s Partner view enables you to view all your customers through a single pane of glass, giving you visibility of cloud management, monitoring, security, optimisation, documentation and so much more.

The ROI figures achieved by our existing partners shows just what a difference they’re seeing with LABS products.



increase in adoption


working days saved through automation per year


ROI in first year


additional technical staff required during the period

Our Key Partners


Free eBook from the experts

The world we live in is vastly different from just a couple of years ago – no wonder it’s being called the new normal.

For customers who were already leveraging the public cloud, we saw a substantial increase in spending. Across our customer base, cloud consumption increased at an exponential rate in 2021 and 2022, and this shows no sign of changing in 2023 and beyond.

This increased usage has, in most cases, been born out of necessity due to the demands of hybrid working and the need to provide services to remote staff. The rush to get services up and running in the cloud to support the rapidly changing demands of the workforce has led to an increase in unplanned costs and a ballooning cloud spend bill.

In our eBook, compiled by our cloud experts, we look at the key Azure public cloud trends for 2023 and beyond, backed by the unprecedented events of the past 18 months and looking forward to new normal we now live in.


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