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Made Simple with IA-Connect

From standalone legacy applications that have been around forever to those that are apart of cross-functional business processes, IA-Connect allows your business to automate what was once considered impossible.

IA-Connect exists to help customers take their repeatable business processes and provide a way to automate them, regardless of complexity, age of applications involved or their location.

IA-Connect provides this via its intelligent automation, comprising of AI, API and patented NextGen robotic process automation (RPA) to help businesses innovate by freeing up their staff from the repetitive mundane.

Applications that live anywhere. 100% Feature Compatibility.

In the cloud. On-premises. Citrix, Remote Desktop, or local. IA-Connect is one of the world’s leading automation products that works anywhere your applications reside.

Patented technology means  automating applications over Citrix or Remote Desktop with complete feature parity to automating applications locally, and no installable agents required.

Automate the impossible

Businesses that have applications that have no API or programmatic capabilities; it’s more common than you think.

IA-Connect with its patented nextGen RPA and API capability makes automating processes with these applications a reality.

From simple automations to cross-functional.

IA-Connect is designed to break down barriers when automating your business processes. With applications that exist in different business areas, IA-Connect handles this securely without the need for complex firewall rules, thanks to “double-hop” capabilities.

Use existing connectors and actions, or build your own

Create business process automation flows that touch ServiceNow, Office365, Microsoft, SAP, Mainframes, Java and more. A full RESTAPI and PowerShell module allows you to do even more.

Designed to work with popular platforms out of the box.

Maximise your existing skillset to give a rapid ROI. IA-Connect is compatible with Microsoft Power Automate with our premium connectors, Blue Prism and the Blue Prism Studio, or via Microsoft PowerShell and IA-Connect’s REST API. Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, IA-Connect has you covered.

A note from the Head of Ultima Labs

“IA-Connect has been a game changer for so many of our customers. The fact that we simplify automation for customers applications over Citrix or RDP as if they’re local with no installable agents anywhere has made what seemed impossible a reality”.


Chris Kirk, Head of Ultima Labs

IA-Connect By The Numbers

850 +

Pre-built actions available

410,000 *

Executions globally per month

20 + years

Designed by experts with over 20 years of application, Citrix and Remote Desktop experience.

Simple Automation Creation with Low/No-Code IA-Connect Inspector.

IA-Connect provides you with our IA-Connect Inspector tool on your automation workers. Our tool is designed to help customers automate their line of business applications as simply as possible, from desktop applications to web browser applications and so much more, both local and remote.

The IA-Connect Inspector allows you to inspect your applications, provide the necessary actions what you want the process to achieve and even test these out. And then the best bit; IA-Connect’s Inspector will write the automation code for you for your specified target platform such as Blue Prism, Microsoft Power Automate or REST API/PowerShell to be copied into your target environment, making it truly simple to use.

IA-Connect inspects your application elements

Tell IA-Connect what action you’d like to take with what elements

IA-Connect Inspector creates your code ready to copy

Copy your code into your automation flow

Explore Our Solutions

IA-Connect for Microsoft Power Automate

Designed for Microsoft Power Automate from the ground up, IA-Connect boosts the capabilities of your Microsoft Power Automate existing skills with our 9 premium connectors and 850 pre-built actions, more than anything else on the market. IA-Connect provides complete feature parity for remote-based applications as if they were local, at no additional cost.

IA-Connect for BluePrism

Designed for Blue Prism and Blue Prism Studio, IA-Connect allows Blue Prism customers to utilise their existing skills and unlock complete automation feature parity over Citrix or Remote Desktop as if you are automating locally.

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