Microsoft Monthly Newsletter: January 2023

Price Changes on 1st April 2023 Microsoft confirmed a 9% price increase to impact cloud services on 1st April 2023. Please contact us to learn more […]

Boost Collaboration and Productivity with the Latest Microsoft 365 Updates

Microsoft 365 is constantly evolving and introducing new features to help businesses and individuals stay productive and connected. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of […]

Automate your JML Process to Improve Security and Minimise Human Error

By nature, human error is normal. We’re not made to perform repetitive tasks at volume. On average, it’s usual to experience 10 to 30 errors per […]

EDR-as-a-Service: A Comprehensive Approach to Cybersecurity

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is a critical component of any cyber security strategy. It involves continuously monitoring your network and endpoint devices for signs of […]

Dell’s Q3 Profits Skyrocket Due to High Demand for Servers and Network Equipment

Dell Technologies Inc posted a 68 percent rise in quarterly operating profit last week, as demand for servers and network equipment softened the blow of weak PC […]

Maximize efficiency and flexibility with a hybrid cloud solution

In today’s digital landscape, businesses of all sizes are turning to cloud computing as a way to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and scale their operations. While […]

Automating repeatable business processes keeps your talent happy

We’re all having to do more with less, at the same time as trying to nurture our employees to prevent talent leakage. So how can automation […]

Ultima and Mimecast offer seven ways to protect your organisation from credential theft

Organisations must start prioritising their credential theft protection. With most data breaches now linked to stolen credentials, this common and hard to detect threat, is further […]

ESG Blog Series 5: Our Commitment to Good Governance

At Ultima, we believe that good ethics are the foundation of good business. Unethical behaviour can severely damage the trust stakeholders place in an organisation and […]
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