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About Us

Here at LABS, our mission is to make the complicated simple. Founded in 2020 we are passionate about making products that deliver simplified experiences using automation for all types of businesses.

From no-code business process automation for your staff to allow them to get more done with their time, to simplified cloud automation services to get the most out of your cloud infrastructure and support your IT teams and their goals.

All from our staff that have over 60 years of technical and business experience. For LABS it’s all about helping you do more, and be more, with less. At a price point that is inclusive of any size of business.

Our Story

Everyone in LABS has had many years designing, building and advising all sorts of customers with their IT projects and services, and while we have all come from slightly differing angles, with some of us from end user computing, and some of us from IT infrastructure expertise, there is one thing that unites us – automation.

Our people in LABS have spent their entire IT careers within their own specialisations helping customers to automate their services to get the absolute most out of them, their time, and their people.

Our story started in the early 2000s, where Ultima worked closely with their customer base on various Citrix deployments as part of end user computing projects. During these early days controlling onboarding and profiles of users was difficult to make it consistent and portable, especially with high user companies. Through this, Ultima created uLogon to handle these gaps through automation, adding more value and gaining a strong reputation in the market. Over the next few years more related automated solutions followed, and we even won an award from Citrix ourselves in 2015 because of our technical ingenuity.

These [early automation solutions] really helped in pre-sales for larger customers because it allowed you to demonstrate that you didn’t just dabble in the product you were selling, but really knew your stuff.” – LABS Head of development for IA-Connect, Simon Bond.”

In the early-2010s on the more traditional infrastructure front, our technical teams became experts as technologies standout value began to level off in certain places. Customers were beginning to get interested in governance, automated approval and system health reporting services. Like with Citrix, we became the value-add experts in creating automation solutions to handle automated admin approval, audit tracking and infrastructure health check reporting and optimising. While these are common services today, 8 years ago these were cutting edge value, and our customers loved them.

Our Head of Development for IA-Connect, Simon Bond, tells his story here:

Things continued apace and these technical team members, even the ones from the early 2000s, were still at Ultima, and had become known for automation and value-add in what was now Azure cloud infrastructure and business/user processes via local, Citrix or Microsoft remote desktop services, to the point where in 2020 Ultima decided to go all in and create LABS to officially productise and accelerate our expert services.

Today, LABS is still made up of members of the two technical teams mentioned, with over 60 years of combined technical knowledge and experience on IT cloud infrastructure, end user computing, and most importantly how businesses and their day-to-day processes can be better through our automated products and experience.


“We’ve built a true community of intelligent automation pioneers, innovators, developers and doers at Blue Prism. This community is our lifeblood, which enables us to deliver one the most versatile and successful digital workforces on the planet. Congratulations to Ultima Labs for showing us what’s possible and for making Blue Prism truly the sum of our parts”.

Linda Dotts
Chief Partner Strategy Officer, Blue Prism

Our Suite of Products

Our Partners are very special to us. We work closely with some of the world’s leading organisations and Managed Service Providers to deliver successful outcomes to end customers.


IA-Cloud helps you remove the complexity of cloud and makes it simple to do management, monitoring, optimisation, governance, documentation and so much more, and is compatible with Microsoft Azure and AWS. Our products are backed by services that are modular to give you as much or as little support as you need.

Check out how IA-Cloud can make your services better.


IA-Connect is the world’s first fully hybrid and remote capable business process automation software.

IA-Connect is designed as a low/no-code solution to automation, with the world’s first native remote desktop and Citrix capability built-in, so anyone in your business can automate their processes wherever they are, and not just your technical IT team, and is compatible with Microsoft Power Automate, PowerShell or BluePrism.

Need help with your business automation either all or part of the way? Our products are backed by services that can give you as much or as little assistance is needed.

These are just some of our customers that are already benefiting from our products

Partner With Us

For partners and service providers, there is a big talent shortage today, and for you to win and retain your customer’s business, you’re having to do more with less.

The lack of technical talent availability is now one of the biggest barriers in adopting new technologies and services according to IT executives via Gartner.*

Therefore adopting automation and simplified services is now a game changer for you to be able to do more for your customer base.


ROI stats for partners

That’s why our products are built not just with end customers in mind, but with partners and service providers in mind as well. Our products allow you to provide your business and your end customers capabilities that would take months or years and significant commitment in a traditional manner and gives you an edge on your competitors, while allowing your staff to get more time back to add more value.

The ROI returns for our existing partners shows just what a difference they’re seeing with LABS products.

250% increase in adoption

1,755 working days saved through automation per year

£300,000 ROI in first year

0 additional technical staff required during the period

IA-Connect for Power Automate

125% adoption increase

£240,000 ROI in first year

95 working days saved every month through business process automation

Over 2000 processes automatically run every month

Contact us today to find out more how to partner with us for IA-Cloud or IA-Connect.

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