6th July, 2023

Henley Festival

Ultima is partnering with Henley Festival to host an Executive experience for our valued customers and partners. Please contact your Ultima Account Manager for further details.

June, 2023


11am – 12pm

Microsoft Licensing for IT Professionals:
Essential Updates and Insights

During our upcoming Microsoft webinar on June 14th at 11am-12pm with Ian Gerrard, you will have the opportunity to hear about the latest updates and expert insights that can help guide your Microsoft investments moving forward.

This webinar will not only cover the topic of Microsoft Licensing, but also include a discussion on the other core Microsoft products and licensing changes that have been implemented.

You’ll have the chance to learn about new features, updates, and best practices that can help you optimise your use of Microsoft software and services, and make the most of your investment. Additionally, we encourage you to bring any questions you may have about Microsoft products and licensing, and Ian will be happy to address them during the webinar.

July, 2023


11am – 12pm

Navigating the World of Microsoft Licensing

Join us in our upcoming Microsoft webinar with Ian Gerrard on July 12th at 11am-12pm to gain insights and best practices that can help you navigate the complexities of Microsoft Licensing and support your Microsoft Investment. Ian Gerrard will provide the latest updates and expert tips to guide your Microsoft investments moving forward, including a discussion on the core Microsoft product and licensing changes.

Additionally, the webinar will be open to any questions you may have. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and make the most of your Microsoft investment.

August, 2023


11am – 12pm

The Future of Microsoft Licensing: Trends and Predictions

On Wednesday, August 16th at 11am-12pm, our Microsoft Licensing Consultant Ian Gerrard will be hosting a webinar focused on the future of Microsoft Licensing.

During the webinar, attendees can expect to gain insights into the latest trends and predictions for Microsoft Licensing, as well as the potential implications for their business or organisation. The discussion will touch on topics such as the evolution of licensing models and the impact of cloud technology on licensing.

Ian Gerrard’s expertise and experience in the field will offer valuable insights and guidance for navigating the complex world of Microsoft Licensing. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about the future of Microsoft Licensing and how it may impact your business.

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