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Our Next Webinar: 6th December

Microsoft Copilot Essentials: Exclusive Insights and Best Practice

December, 2023


2pm – 2:30pm

Microsoft Copilot Essentials: Exclusive Insights and Best Practice

Join Scott Dodds CEO and Matt Hudson on Wednesday 6th December for 30 minutes of Microsoft Copilot exclusive insights, learnings and use case that will deliver ROI.

As a selected early start CoPilot partner, and our own AI expertise, Ultima is perfectly placed to answer the hard questions on practical ways to harness the power of AI.

During this talk, we will debate:

  • Investment vs return. Where we see the opportunities
  • The role and application of CoPilot:
    • Strengthening workforce capacity and business resilience.
    • Reducing time to market and accelerate business change
    • Delivering more with less

This webinar is designed for business leaders, developers, project managers, and anyone interested in harnessing the power of AI to boost efficiency and innovation in their organisation.

January, 2024


10am – 11am

Unlocking the Potential of Microsoft 365 Copilot: Ultima’s Case Study, Deployment, and Use Cases

Join us in our monthly Copilot webinar, where we take you on the journey of Ultima’s successful deployment of Copilot as a vital part of Microsoft’s early access program. We will share invaluable insights, lessons learned, and real-life use cases across various departments within Ultima.

Discover how we as a business have leveraged this AI tool to enhance creativity, productivity, and skills, particularly when using core Microsoft 365 Apps.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Introduction to Microsoft 365 Copilot
  • Ultima’s Case Study: Copilot Deployment
  • Real-world experiences and challenges
  • Success stories and lessons learned
  • Use Cases of Microsoft 365 Copilot
  • Demonstrations of Copilot in action
  • Q&A Session

February, 2024


2pm – 3pm

Maximising the Value of Your Copilot Licenses: Importance of Copilot Readiness

In this webinar, Ultima delves into the critical aspects of Copilot readiness, offering valuable insights into maximising the utilisation of Microsoft Copilot licenses. This includes adopting a strategic approach, identifying necessary migration or transition activities to support Copilot, considering options for utilising external data sources within Microsoft 365, and evaluating your organisation’s data security posture.

Discover the steps to ensure your organisation is well-prepared to make the most of your Copilot licenses.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Understanding Copilot Readiness
  • Why readiness is essential for maximising ROI
  • Identifying AI Opportunities
  • How to spot areas in your business where Copilot can make a difference
  • Controlling Input to Copilot
  • Ensuring the quality of data fed to Copilot
  • Strategies for effective control
  • Q&A Session

March, 2024


10am – 11am

Data Security and Copilot: Why Upgrading to E5 Licenses Is Imperative

In today’s corporate landscape, data security is paramount. This webinar explores the critical importance of safeguarding sensitive information within your organisation, especially when implementing Microsoft Copilot. We delve into why upgrading from E3 to E5 licenses is essential to protect your internal data.

Real-world examples illustrate the consequences of not having this protective shield in place.

Webinar Agenda:

  • The pivotal role of data in today’s organisations
  • Understanding the power of AI-driven Copilot
  • The synergy between Copilot and E5 licenses for robust data security
  • Real-World Examples
    • Scenario led
  • How E5 safeguards against data breaches and advanced threats
  • Q&A Session

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