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Made simple by IA-Connect for Microsoft Power Automate.

From standalone legacy applications that have been around forever to those that are apart of cross-functional business processes, IA-Connect allows your business to automate what was once considered impossible.

IA-Connect exists to help customers take their repeatable business processes and provide a way to automate them, regardless of complexity, age of applications involved or their location.

IA-Connect provides this via its intelligent automation, comprising of AI, API and patented NextGen robotic process automation (RPA) to help businesses innovate by freeing up their staff from the repetitive mundane.

How It Works

IA-Connect for Microsoft Power Automate is designed to provide customers with the familiarity of the Microsoft Power Automate ecosystem, but with the advances and capabilities of IA-Connect within your automation flows, providing a true hybrid capability within the same flow.

IA-Connect seamlessly allows you to automate your applications regardless of them being cloud-based or on-premises, while at the same time providing the ability to leverage existing Power Automate conditions, loops, dynamic content, expressions, and exception handling.

Coupled with this, the largest amount of pre-built actions available anywhere in Microsoft Power Automate and our patented NextGen RPA capabilities for local, RDP or Citrix automations, IA-Connect truly is a game changer for automating your business processes.

Automate your familiar applications. Legacy to modern.

Providing automation capabilities for your business with 9 premium connectors – covering web browser and application UI based automation, to more familiar applications such as Office365, SAP GUI, Java and even mainframes.

850+ pre-built actions

The largest amount of pre-built actions anywhere in Microsoft Power Automate, meaning your teams can get automating faster than ever without getting bogged down in custom code creation. Our Office365 connector alone gives you over 120 actions by default! All made possible with over 20 years of hands-on experience.

Hybrid flows a reality.

No need for having separate flows for your IA-Connect RPA and API automations. You can create a single flow for a single overall purpose, reducing overhead and administrative burden.

NextGen RPA out-of-the-box

Unlike other traditional RPA products, IA-Connect gives you our NextGen patented RPA capability. You can automate applications that are local to the worker, or applications that exist over Citrix or Remote Desktop, with no installable agents required on the remote machine at no additional cost, and complete feature parity across the board.

You even get remote “double hop” and parallel remote session capability included.

Introducing Joiners, Movers, Leavers (JML) automation

IA-Connect JML is an add-on licence for IA-Connect and allows customers automation capabilities for Azure AD (Entra ID), traditional Active Directory, Exchange, Exchange Online and Office 365. Automating your JML business processes massively increases staff retention due to smoother onboarding, reduces overhead and increases security of handling active stale accounts.

Combine this with IA-Connect’s RPA and API automation for your other applications to provide true wide-ranging JML automation for your users onboarding journey.

A note from Microsoft

“Within the space of just a few months, the team at Ultima Labs has built one of the first Intelligent Automation products in the Microsoft space. Their talent, hard work and flexibility is a recipe for success, making them one of the lead partners for automation and RPA in Microsoft Technologies.”

“I’m excited to continue working with them not only to enhance their IA-Connect product, but also to enable other organizations to achieve more with Microsoft Power Automate.”


Ana Demeny
Partner Technical Architect (Power Platform Integration & RPA), Microsoft

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