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Providing true remote session business process automation as if it is local.

Made simple by IA-Connect for Blue Prism.

From standalone legacy applications that have been around forever to those that are apart of cross-functional business processes, IA-Connect allows your business to automate what was once considered impossible.

IA-Connect exists to help customers take their repeatable business processes and provide a way to automate them, regardless of complexity, age of applications involved or their location.

IA-Connect provides this via its intelligent automation, comprising of AI, API and patented NextGen robotic process automation (RPA) to help businesses innovate by freeing up their staff from the repetitive mundane.

How It Works

For customers utilising Blue Prism for their business process automations, being able to extend automations to every aspect of their line of business applications is critical.

Often customers face challenges when it comes to remote session automation, as well as more legacy applications like Java. These challenges often mean that business process automations become fragile or limited, reducing ROI, increasing overheads, and denting confidence.

IA-Connect for Blue Prism exists for Blue Prism customers to confidently resolve these challenges with the benefit of being an extension of your existing Blue Prism skills, meaning that IA-Connect extends your capabilities right inside Blue Prism Studio.

Automate Remote Applications Like They Are Local. No Installable Agents Required.

Remote session automation, such as login into Citrix or Remote Desktop to access the application(s) as part of automating a process, has often been a challenge. The capability is either limited compared to locally accessible applications, requires installing of agents, or is hopelessly unreliable having to rely on image recognition techniques to read the remote session.

IA-Connect provides NextGen patented RPA technology for Blue Prism and has been designed to provide complete feature parity with remote sessions as if they are local from day 1. IA-Connect interacts with the remote session as-is, no fragile image recognition needed, and no installable agents being required in the Citrix or Remote Desktop environment.

Removing Complex Firewall Rule Barriers

Often applications are not immediately accessible locally or via jumping on a remote session. It’s not uncommon that some applications have additional layers of security, meaning edge servers or jump boxes are needed before accessing the environment where the application resides. This can then resort to messy and complex firewall rules being required, which can often be denied.

IA-Connect resolves this issue, by providing “double-hop” remote session capability (sometimes referred as session-in-session), and with the ability to interact with the local and remote sessions in parallel – with no messy firewall rules being needed.

The Experts in Citrix and Remote Desktop

Citrix and Remote Desktop can be a fickle beast and present issues depending on the customers configuration. This is often a major stumbling block for customers when they run into configuration issues around business process automation products and Citrix or Remote Desktop.

Our development team is different, with over 20 years of award-winning Citrix, application, and remote desktop management experience, meaning we understand and work with customers around remote session automation challenges and understand the remote session technology at a deep level, embedded directly into the product.

IA-Connect’s Java Engine Adds Speed and Reliability

Legacy Java-based applications can be the bane of everyone’s life, but for many customers there’s little choice, as they fundamentally exist as a core part of their business processes. The problem – when business process automation products interact with Java applications it often results in crashing and hanging, denting confidence and needing constant oversight.

With IA-Connect for Blue Prism, we’ve designed our own Java engine that handles many versions of Java, from the old to the new, to provide better speed and greater reliability. As a result, IA-Connect has now garnered a reputation as the go-to Blue Prism 3rd party provider when automating Java applications, with an on average improvement of 25% in speed* alone.

*Average result based on internal benchmark tests of sample Java applications against other products

Better Automation for Other Familiar Applications

It’s not just Java applications – IA-Connect provides extension automation capabilities for SAP GUI, Desktop UIs, web browser applications, even mainframes. IA-Connect is designed to give customers a wide range of options and solutions for automating their local or remote-based business processes that involve multiple technologies per process.

Designed to work with Blue Prism Studio

IA-Connect means you do not need to reinvent the wheel with your existing Blue Prism skillset. IA-Connect’s Inspector tool allows you to create your automation and outputs them to run in Blue Prism Studio, meaning you get IA-Connect’s great capabilities while maximising your ROI on your existing skills.

A note from Blue Prism

“By leveraging Citrix virtual channels, IA-Connect completely eliminates the need for Surface Automation, enabling developers to automate Citrix and RDS based applications in practically the same way they would if the applications were local.”


Josh Noble
Practice Director, Blue Prism

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