Commitment to Quality


Ultima Business Solutions Limited (“Ultima”), and its Board of Directors’, is committed to implementing a robust Quality Management System (QMS) to provide a quality delivery of the goods and services offered by Ultima. Ultima has followed the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) principles of the ISO9001:2015 framework to achieve its objective. Ultima’s CEO is the Executive Sponsor, accountable for the development and implementation of Ultima’s QMS.


  • The Executive Sponsor has been empowered to implement the QMS and relevant document information; set objectives and measure KPIs. The QMS shall establish:
  • A Quality Management Review Forum (QMRF) to set and review objectives, KPIs, and manage the QMS;
  • Technical and organisational controls to deliver quality products and services;
  • An effective means of promoting the QMS and shall communicate details of the controls to relevant interested parties;
  • A means to test and/or measure the effectiveness of the QMS and communicate the findings to relevant interested parties;
  • A method for Ultima to meet its statutory and contractual obligations in promoting the continual improvement of its products, goods and services;
  • Partnerships with quality suppliers who are reviewed to ensure they continue to provide a quality service both to Ultima and its customers;
  • The means to ensure that there is continuous improvement of Ultima’s QMS and customer experience;
  • Specific roles and responsibilities of the QMS; and
  • A framework to address risk and opportunities associated with Ultima’s QMS that will reduce unnecessary risk


The Quality Management Review Forum shall meet on a frequent basis and discuss a standard agenda which will include:

  • Review of last meeting actions;
  • Assessment of the QMS compliance status;
  • Review of customer feedback and complaints
  • Review results of internal audit;
  • Review of Incidents and customer complaints;
  • Review of framework documents as and when required
  • Facilitate opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction; and
  • Consider further methods to continue to develop our products/services and QMS to better meet business objectives.

This Policy has been executively approved by Scott Dodds, Ultima CEO on March 3rd, 2023


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