Commitment to Quality


Ultima Business Solutions Limited (“Ultima”), and its Board of Directors’, is committed to implementing a robust Quality Management System (QMS) to provide a quality delivery of the goods and services offered by Ultima. Ultima has followed the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) principles of the ISO9001:2015 framework to achieve its objective. The Ultima Board has duly elected its Commercial and Sales Operations Director as the Executive Sponsor to develop and implement Ultima’s QMS.


The Executive Sponsor has been empowered to implement the QMS and relevant document information; set objectives and measure KPIs. The QMS shall establish:

  • A Quality Management Review Forum (QMRF) to set and review objectives, KPIs, and manage the QMS;
  • Technical and organisational controls to deliver quality products and services;
    An effective means of promoting the QMS and shall communicate details of the controls to relevant interested parties;
  • A means to test and/or measure the effectiveness of the QMS and communicate the findings to relevant interested parties;
  • A method for Ultima to meet its statutory and contractual obligations in promoting the continual improvement of its products, goods and services;
  • Partnerships with quality suppliers who are reviewed to ensure they continue to provide a quality service both to Ultima and its customers;
  • The means to ensure that there is continuous improvement of Ultima’s QMS and customer experience;
  • Specific roles and responsibilities of the QMS; and
    A framework to address risk and opportunities associated with Ultima’s QMS that will reduce unnecessary risk.


The Quality Management Review Forum shall meet on a frequent basis and discuss a standard agenda which will include:

  • Review of last meeting actions;
  • Assessment of the QMS compliance status;
  • Review of customer feedback and complaints
  • Review results of internal audit;
  • Review of Incidents and customer complaints;
  • Review of framework documents as and when required;
  • Facilitate opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction; and
  • Consider further methods to continue to develop our products/services and QMS to better meet business objectives.

This Policy has been executively approved by Gareth Meyer, Commercial and Sales Operations Director, Ultima on May 20th, 2021


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