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At Ultima, the cloud is in our DNA. Over the past 10 years alone, we‘ve delivered more than 11,000 hours of Microsoft cloud consulting so no matter where you are on your cloud journey, we’re here to help

The Cloud: It’s a
journey, not a

Cloud complexity is often cited as the one of the main reasons why enterprises experience failure with the cloud.

Despite the willingness to invest and in many cases the strategy to support it, long-term ROI is often poor, negating the stated benefits.

Having to continually manage resource constraints, compliance obligations, cost containment and the continued threat of segmented utilisation can result in a loss of faith in cloud as a concept.


“With our cloud offerings, we have ensured that we align to every stage of a cloud adoption project.”

“The aim is to ensure that Ultima can support customers, regardless of how advanced they are. Using this engagement model, I believe that working in partnership we are well positioned to achieve success delivering against customer objectives.”

Craig Wordsworth

Head of Cloud Presales, Ultima

Getting You Ready
For The Cloud

For organisations planning on adopting public cloud services, there’s a structured process you have to follow to achieve results. Ultima leverage Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) to deliver advisory and assessment engagements.

This best practise gives you solid foundations that help you govern and manage your environment (e.g. cost containment, security, operational compliance, platform and workload operations).

→ Packaged Services

Cloud Maturity Assessment

A free 60 minute consultancy engagement, created for organisations who are considering embracing public cloud, through to those who’s adoption strategies have stalled or could benefit from realignment.

Cloud Analyse

Powered by Ultima IA-Cloud Essentials, this free consultant-led service assesses your Azure footprint to identify cost savings, deviations from best practice and provide guidance around the introduction of optimisation and automation tools.

Landing Zone

It’s critical for your public cloud environment to remain stable, allowing current and future workloads to run effectively.

We apply a set of pre-defined best practices called a Landing Zone to help you live the dream of cloud.

Covering critical aspects such as identity, networking, governance and security, it includes pre-defined configurations for key components including management groups and policies. Check out our package services below to put your best foot forward in the cloud.

→ Packaged Services

Cloud Deploy

Using IA-Cloud, we will automatically provision your first Landing Zone and set up connectivity to your data centre. Once complete, you can migrate existing apps and workloads into Azure following a highly automated, low-risk approach, or support replication for use in a disaster recovery scenario.

Azure Virtual Desktop (QuickStart)

We can take you from zero to a fully managed environment in a little as 5 days, meeting the demands of a remote, peripatetic workforce, while maintaining the traditional local performance, user experience and productivity, and keeping corporate data highly secure.

Plan Better. Move
Faster. Operate

Delivering cost-effective, secure, scalable and highly dynamic IT services in the cloud can be challenging when you haven’t found the right partner, but at Ultima, we can bridge the gap.

→ Packaged Services

Cloud Migrate

Microsoft provide access to up to $200k of funding to eligible customers, which when combined with Ultima’s IA-Cloud service, can remove barriers to entry. Subject to qualification, End Customer Investment Funds (ECIF) are available to offset the cost of discovery, design, deployment and migration work.

Cloud Security Review

We deploy IA-Cloud Automate into your Azure environment for a period of 3 months in order to discover, monitor and report against the current security posture and resource vulnerabilities, with a comprehensive remediation report to follow.

Cloud Cost Optimisation

We deploy IA-Cloud Optimise into your Azure environment for a period of 3 months in to monitor current spend and resource utilisation, with a detailed report on where potential costs savings can be made and how by much, itemised by resource and savings type.

Take control of your Cloud

Want all the benefits of cloud but without the hassle of managing it yourself? Look no further, our managed cloud offering is what you are looking for.

To combat the challenges associated with traditional public cloud models, Ultima’s Managed Cloud has been developed to extend the out-of-the-box Azure experience.

→ Packaged Services

Managed Cloud

Underpinned by Ultima IA-Cloud and ServiceNow and supported by our global team of Microsoft specialists, we are able to provide 24×7 support for your Azure platform and associated workloads and applications.

Why Ultima?

Our Cloud offerings ensure that, no matter where an organisation is on their Cloud journey, Ultima is well positioned to support cloud adoption projects

Through the Advise, Deploy, Engage and Develop, and Manage phases, Ultima illustrate a breadth of skills, expertise, and structure to develop long-lasting partnerships with organisations.


As an Microsoft Azure Migration and Modernisation Program (AMMP) partner, we have demonstrated excellence in the three core areas of Azure migration, namely assessment and planning, landing zone builds, and migration and modernisation.


Ultima can help you build cloud-native applications using serverless, containers and microservices architectures, as well as modernise existing web apps in languages such as .NET, Java and PHP and deploy it on Kubernetes


Through our automation platform IA-Cloud, we reduce the need for human intervention when it comes to common BAU activities like patching, backup, reporting and monitoring, further reducing the load on your teams.

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