Automate your JML Process to Improve Security and Minimise Human Error

By nature, human error is normal. We’re not made to perform repetitive tasks at volume. On average, it’s usual to experience 10 to 30 errors per […]

Automating repeatable business processes keeps your talent happy

We’re all having to do more with less, at the same time as trying to nurture our employees to prevent talent leakage. So how can automation […]

How Diversity Can Drive Innovation

At Ultima, we strive to be an inclusive community along with the support of our valuable workers. Our talented employees operate in close partnerships with businesses […]

Microsoft Azure Trends in 2021

The world we live in is vastly different from the start of 2020, both economically and socially. The challenges of the pandemic have been felt across […]

Advanced Optimisation with IA-Cloud Just Got Better – Introducing Cost Analyser

One piece of feedback we’ve had over time is while the advanced optimisation tool is a great feature, it would be even better if cost analysis […]

Automation Trends for 2022

Automation is on everyone’s agenda at the moment, and this has only been amplified by the events of the past 18 months. As the impact of […]

Increasing security with automated JML

Welcome to the first in a series of blogs discussing the challenges of onboarding and offboarding employees from your organisation – otherwise affectionately known as JML […]

Cloud Security: A potential management nightmare?

Talking to one my industry colleagues over a virtual beer during one of the lockdown phases, we got onto the subject of security; specifically, when you’re […]

Secure, automated migration to the cloud with IA-Cloud Build

Here at Ultima Labs, we are constantly striving for innovation to help our customers get the best value and services possible, especially when it comes to […]
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