Define and Build your Azure API App with Swagger-OpenAPI

Microsoft Azure provides the API App as part of its App Service offering. This supports companies or individuals exposing data and business processes over the web as an […]

Ultima and Mind Charity Partnership

At Ultima we are passionate about doing our part to support the community. This year we are delighted to be supporting Mind who provide advice and support to […]

Citrix on Azure Virtual Desktop

Why do we still need Citrix when Azure Virtual Desktop is “free”? There are many potential answers to this, and most will depend on your particular […]

Azure Virtual Desktop with Infrastructure as Code

All reputable Buzzword Bingo cards will have entries for “Cloud”, “CI/CD” and “DevOps” on them, and here we will be using all with astounding frequency. I […]

How Diversity Can Drive Innovation

At Ultima, we strive to be an inclusive community along with the support of our valuable workers. Our talented employees operate in close partnerships with businesses […]

Microsoft Azure Trends in 2021

The world we live in is vastly different from the start of 2020, both economically and socially. The challenges of the pandemic have been felt across […]

HPE Discover 2021: The future is edge to cloud

Last month, HPE brought together thousands of business leaders and technologists from across the globe to prepare for the next wave of digital transformation, powered by […]

Tech: why it might be your kryptonite

Today, the disconnect between business expectation and IT delivery is wider than ever. In this blog, we’ll look at why the technology that enables your business […]

Defend against the most targeted platform in the world

The most targeted platform in the world demands the best email security. The challenge Email is the most universal communication tool for businesses and more than […]
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