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As a distinguished Cisco Premier Integrator, Ultima brings
to the table tailor-made solutions aimed at resolving your unique
business challenges. Leveraging our in-house expertise, we’ve
gained a reputation for delivering reliable and credible solutions,
making us a partner you can truly trust.

Specialisations for Your Peace of Mind

When you partner with Ultima, you gain a comprehensive ally, skilled in Cisco architecture and business expertise, to assist you in specialised areas:

  • Security: Ensuring data protection and robust security architecture.
  • Sustainability: Implementing eco-friendly solutions that benefit your business and the environment.
  • Network Optimisation: Enhancing network performance for seamless operations.
  • Advanced Security: Strengthening your business against emerging threats.
  • Customer Experience: Enhancing your brand’s customer journey.
  • Cisco Umbrella for MSSPs: Delivering managed security services using Cisco’s comprehensive portfolio.

“As a Premier Integrator, we have generations of experience spanning Cisco’s wide-ranging product portfolio, including wide area, core and edge-based networking, perimeter, and endpoint security solutions, including the latest trends in SD-WAN, intent-based networking and cyber-security. Holding advanced specialisations across Cisco’s Networking, Software, Data Centre, Mobility and Wireless product groups, Ultima can provide round the clock support for both Cisco and Meraki infrastructure, responding to potential threats and ensuring that your network is running optimally and securely.”

Maria Truskovskaya
Strategic Vendor Alliance Manager, Ultima

Provider Levels and Cisco Powered Services

As a Select Provider, Ultima guarantees high-quality Cisco-powered services that adhere to industry standards and best practices.

We are proud to offer a wide range of partner designations to cater to your specific purchasing needs:


  • EA 3.0 DNA and Meraki: Sophisticated solutions for managing and securing your digital networks.
  • EA 3.0 Security Portfolio: A wide array of security solutions aimed at providing full-spectrum protection for your business.
  • EA 3.0 Collaboration and Data Center delivery through our distribution partnership
  • Cisco Enterprise Agreements comprise of a single 3- or 5-year agreement that brings the power of our entire portfolio under a single agreement that can scale rapidly
  • Business agility and Accelerate business transformation with easier access to technology
  • Enterprise Agreements give a Premium experience that allow you to have full visibility into your entitlements
  • Unmatched value allows you to maximize your investment with access to exclusive offers
  • Buying Models Commerce Certification: Flexible and transparent buying models to suit your procurement requirements.
  • Public Sector Partner Pricing: Custom pricing options tailored for public sector organisations.
  • PSPP Healthcare: Specialised pricing and services crafted to meet the unique needs of the healthcare sector.
  • PSPP Local: Localised services and pricing structures designed for public sector customers and businesses.

Unlock Your Business Potential with Ultima

At Ultima, we go beyond being just a Cisco Premier Integrator – we are your dedicated partner in shaping a future for your business that is more efficient, secure, and sustainable.

Together, we can turn your vision into a reality. Through the Cisco Enterprise Agreement, a versatile 3- or 5-year commitment, we consolidate Cisco’s entire portfolio, enabling rapid scalability. This agreement not only enhances business agility by simplifying technology access but also offers a premium experience by providing full visibility into your entitlements. Additionally, it brings unmatched value to your investment through exclusive offers. Join us in maximising your business potential with Ultima.

Our Cisco portfolio

We provide a broad range of professional and managed services for Cisco environments from our 24×7 Technical Support Centre. Our Cisco Portfolio spans across various technology domains, encompassing Networking, Security, Wireless and Mobility, Computing, Data Center, Internet of Things (IoT), Application Performance, Software, and a range of Services through Cisco’s Customer Experience (CX) offerings.

Managed Network as a Service (MNaaS)

Managed Network as a Service (MNaaS) provides Branch Firewall, LAN and WiFi services to your head and branch offices via an easy to consume per port or per user basis. Ultima’s offering provides the switch and access point infrastructure, including software licensing and integration, into corporate authentication services, along with installation of equipment and all the support, management and administration required to maintain your company’s connectivity. We can provide you with fully supported enterprise class networking services, enabling you to flex your network to the demands of your business.

Why Ultima?

As a Premier Partner, we work hand-in-hand with Cisco to deliver specialized solutions and expertise. Our qualified professionals have supported customers with expert assistance across Cisco’s solutions for over 20 years. From design and deployment, to release and support, our team help customers to meet today’s complex demands in mobility, collaboration, and cloud computing.

As well as offering the full Cisco portfolio, we provide a board range of professional and managed services for Cisco environments from our 24×7 Technical Support Centre. With 7x Cisco certified experts and advanced specializations in enterprise networks and security, we maintain the credentials and experience to ensure Cisco project achieves a great outcome.



We are a Cisco Premier Partner with Advanced Enterprise Network Architecture and the Advanced Security Architecture specialisations. We are also Customer Experience (CX) certified as well as have an in-house team of 14 experts with 141 unique Cisco certifications, including 2 x CCIEs, 6 x CCNAs and 5 x CCNPs.



Our aim is to become a trusted partner, delivering the right solutions to build long-term relationships.



A strong desire to solve technical challenges using innovative methods to deliver business value.

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