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IA-Cloud can help you on every step of your cloud journey, starting with migration to the cloud, automating the cloud when you are there and finally reducing your consumption cost.

IA-Cloud Build

Starting your cloud journey has been costly and time consuming, IA-Cloud is here to put a stop to that. Go from nothing to a complete cloud environment in as little as 3 hours, ready for your data.

IA-Cloud Build supports both Hyper-V and VMware virtual environments, taking the design into account when building out your new cloud platform.


If you are ready to migrate fully to the public cloud IA-Cloud Build can help you be ready to put your data in the cloud in 3 hours.

Your environment will be full built out, connections created to on-premises and all the tooling in place for you to move your data.

Disaster Recovery

If you are not ready to fully move to the public cloud but want to remove the cost of your second datacentre, IA-Cloud can create your public cloud environment, enable the tooling for disaster recovery and create a copy of your data in the public cloud.

We use cloud native tools, ensuring compatibility with the public cloud.


If you have run out of capacity in your on-premises platform IA-Cloud Build can help you rapidly scale out to the public cloud.

IA-Cloud Build we create a connected platform based on the design of your on-premises platform, ready to be used in as little as 3 hours.

IA-Cloud Automate

Management in the public cloud has historically been manual, time consuming and inconsistent. IA-Cloud Automate changes this, enabling enterprise standard management tooling across the public cloud. IA-Cloud Automate removes complexity around backups, patching, documentation, monitoring and alerting and integrates into your ITSM system of choice at the click of a button.

Monitoring and Alerting

Cloud native, agentless monitoring and alerting solution. Services are automatically onboarded and rule sets are automatically kept up to date.

Backups and Patching

IA-Cloud Automate is designed to follow a management by exception methodology. A baseline is provided for all services to make sure they are protected and compliant.


Your cloud platform is continually changing with resources being added, removed and changed consistently. However documentation rarely changes, IA-Cloud automatically documents your environment, covering over 40 different services and provides comprehensive change tracking for added, removed or changed settings.

ITSM Integration

ITSM systems are the backbone of most support functions, IA-Cloud Automate integrates directly into ITSM systems at the click of a button. To assist with troubleshooting IA-Cloud translates the ticket payload into actionable text, detailing severity, resource name, group, type and ID as well as alert information.

IA-Cloud Optimise

Businesses have spiralling costs within the public cloud, however 70% of businesses have no automated way of getting recommendations on optimisations. IA-Cloud scans your environment to provide recommendations of resources which are incorrectly sized, poorly configured and in some cases not even needed at all.

Orphaned Resource Identification

When you delete a service in the public cloud associated resources often remain. Once the primary resource is deleted you end up with orphaned resources.

IA-Cloud Optimise detects these resources and highlights them in our simple dashboards. From here you can make an informed decision on deleting that resources or reassigning them elsewhere.

Right Sizing

Right sizing is critical to getting the most out of your spend in the public cloud. When resources have been migrated from on-premises they are oversized, costing money every second they are running.

IA-Cloud doesn’t just look at over sized resources, it also highlights undersized resources. Unlike competitor products IA-Cloud supports both IaaS and PaaS resources, increasing your possibility to save.

Licensing Recommendations

Licensing can be a huge hidden cost in the public cloud with savings of up to 50% only Windows Server licensing alone. Most organisations don’t take advantage of the licensing entitlement that they have available.

IA-Cloud detects where you can use Hybrid Use Benefits within your environment, allowing you to cut your cloud consumption.

Configuration Recommendations

Reducing cost is important within the public cloud however if you have resources that can be reconfigured at the same cost to provide a better or more reliable service there is still benefit to be had.

As part of the cost optimisation dashboarding we provide we identify areas of improvement that don’t increase the cost of your environment such as the usage of managed disks instead of unmanaged disks.

IA-Cloud Free Trial

To show you the true benefits of IA-Cloud, we’ve set up a live demo environment, which we’re providing you with free access to for 15 days. The environment is running in Azure against a fictional company.

We will walk you through the solution to show how each area works, and you will also be free to explore at your leisure. Simply fill out the form and we’ll send you your login details.

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