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Social engineering has emerged as the primary cause of data breaches in the UK, with cyber criminals increasingly targeting employees to exploit vulnerabilities in company systems and access sensitive data.

As part of the Ultima Group, The AntiSocial Engineer provides specialised services to help businesses mitigate cyber risks and protect their assets. With extensive experience in the field, Ultima offers protection against phishing, fraud and social engineering attacks, safeguarding critical resources like financial data and reputation.

Meet Richard DeVere,
The AntiSocial Engineer’s founder

The AntiSocial Engineer in the media

Richard De Vere shares his opinions on the psychology of phishing and the gaps criminals are now exploiting as part of the Raconteur’s SaaS data security feature.

Richard De Vere comments on Louisiana’s headline-grabbing move to restrict access to pornographic websites and the importance of proper authentication.

The Daily Express reports on the recent cyber-attack on the Prince of Wales’ website and Richard De Vere explains how the NHS could be vulnerable too.

The Times invites Richard De Vere to comment on cyber security following the revelation that Ministers’ phones ‘could be hacked in 20 minutes’ using online data.

The Daily Mail adds further commentary around the current cyber threats posed to Ministers and Richard De Vere adds even more insight to the discussion.

Social Engineering Services:
How we help

With your permission, we manipulate your people and access your systems and applications to expose human and technical weaknesses in the way an attacker would.
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We simulate realistic phishing techniques, including SMShing and spear phishing, and use the insights we gain to educate your people on staying safe.
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We proactively identify and maintain a list of domains likely to be used for social engineering attacks – so you can take preventative action before the attackers strike.
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Knowledge Lab
Tailored, multi-layered and easy-to-consume training and learning to maintain true security and social engineering awareness throughout your business.
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Top social
engineering threats
for 2023

Recognise the cyber criminals’ latest malicious techniques and tactics. Discover The AntiSocial Engineer’s top three social engineering risks for the year ahead.

“Acquiring The AntiSocial Engineer strengthens Ultima’s security expertise and will further help us protect our clients’ digital revenue and reputation round the clock and deliver better value to them.”

Scott Dodds, CEO, Ultima

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