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Staying Connected
In The Hybrid World

After two years of remote working, with offices closing entirely or limiting access to staff, many organisations have opened their doors once more and are taking the opportunity to rethink what their network needs to deliver in a post-pandemic world.

This includes everything from the consolidation of major sites and collapsing of data centres as organisations realign their needs around cloud-based and hybrid working, to the introduction of regional satellite offices, to the shoring up of emergency identity and network access control technologies, ushered in when the Covid-19 pandemic was at its height.


While MPLS has historically been reliable and performant, the high cost, geographical limitations and lack of de-centralisation meant that organisations have been looking for alternatives to dedicated circuits

Independent studies have shown that most wireless networks are poorly designed, optimised and do not provide the required quality of service. Given the dramatic increase in VOIP and video communications, employees are returning to the office only to find a poor wireless experience compared with home.

Network Assessments
and Surveys

Unless you continually have eyes on glass, you may not be aware of the stressors affecting your network.

From unexpected usage patterns and sudden lag spikes, to packet loss and spurious routing issues, identifying and diagnosing problems across your enterprise can be frustrating, time consuming and even expensive.

Without proper monitoring tools, analytics and a basic level of supervision, quality of service can be affected which if left unchecked, can impact everything from real-time transactional applications to productivity.

Additionally, as the backbone of your business, the more complex your network is, the more risk there is of a component failing or presenting issues, which in turn can introduce widespread disruption.

→ Packaged Services

Network Audit

For those struggling to pinpoint precisely what they have and where, our audit service can provide you with a comprehensive inventory, alongside an assessment of where your devices are the vendor lifecycle

Wireless Network Health Check

Ensures your existing Aruba or Meraki-based controllers and access points are operating effectively, ensuring you can meet Quality of Service (QOS) and Qualify of Experience (QoE) objectives

Wireless Radio Survey

Our options include a visual inspection to identify construction concerns, a heat map of your existing Wi-Fi network to determine the most appropriate access point locations, plus a wireless improvement report, covering everything from frequencies, coverage, and interference, to recommendations for power and cabling.

Network Infrastructure Health Check

From Cisco, Palo Alto and Meraki, to HPE and Aruba and Check Point, our health checks provide you with the insights needed to remediate your VPN, VLAN, LAN, WAN and WLAN environments

Connectivity Review

Ensure employees and customers are able to securely access corporate services and data, regardless of their location and receive a costed report containing recommended changes and investments, to better align your network with the strategic and cultural direction of your business.

Network Security Segmentation Assessment

Review the current setup of your micro and macro segmentation to ensure it is limiting unwanted or risky east-west traffic, alongside current zero-trust policies in place.

Edge and Software
Defined Network

As the world has become more interconnected, so has the requirement to communicate and collaborate on a global scale.

While traditional WAN connected users at a branch office or campus would traverse dedicated MPLS circuits or leased lines to provide security and reliable connectivity to applications hosted on servers in the data centre, this approach no longer optimal in a cloud-centric, cloud first world.

As organisations continue to adopt SaaS and IaaS services across multiple clouds, it has driven the need for a new network model, since the majority of traffic is now flowing from branch to the cloud, rather than to a traditional data centre.

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Hybrid Network
Deployment Services

It’s rare to find an organisation whose success isn’t inextricably linked to the execution of its network and security strategy.

They are no longer an assortment of standalone services, residing on a static environment and based around a hub and spoke topology. Instead they have evolved into complex, multi-faceted entities, which require a hybrid network to meet the demands posed by an increasingly disparate and tech-savvy workforce, brokering services which reside both on-premise and in the public sphere.

From hundreds of mobile EPOS terminals and IoT devices connecting to Azure throughout a 20,000 seater football stadium, to patient records system delivering high volumes of clinical data at the touch of a button, to e-sports reliance on low-latency, where the difference between winning and losing is measured in milliseconds, the future of connectivity is as rich you can imagine.

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Managed Network

IT strategies can be affected in a range of different ways, including a shift in customer expectation, regulatory changes and digital disruption, often leading to a loss in productivity and focus.

Transformational change is unfolding at such a relentless pace, that many organisations are unprepared for the impact that emergent technologies and cultural trends can have on operational readiness.

As a result, teams can often feel as if they are continually playing catch-up, trying to stay ahead of the demands of their shareholders, workforce and industry.

→ Packaged Services

Mission Critical Support

As organisations evolve and become more complex, so does the technology that supports them. By selecting IRIS – Mission Critical Support from Ultima, you can keep pace with change, safe in the knowledge that your infrastructure, applications and workloads – whether they reside on-premise or in the cloud – are fully supported.

Token Based Support

For organisations looking to continue supporting their own environment, but wish to call upon a third-line escalation service in the event of a P1, Ultima offer a flexible, unified token-based reactive support service designed to provide remote technical investigation, guidance and advisory services.

Branch in a Box

Based on pre-defined reference architectures from leading vendors, we provide a fully managed t-shirt sized network environment, with optional Wireless LAN and SD-WAN connectivity. Just turn up, connect and get to work.

Managed WLAN

For existing Meraki and Aruba wireless networks, we can wrap a 24×7 break fix and support service around your infrastructure, giving you piece of mind over quality of service and experience, alongside access point security, patching, firmware updates, configuration, policy management and flexible guest access.

Managed Cloud Firewall

From traditional branch office gateways to next gen data centre firewalls, we provide 24×7 managed support for Check Point, Cisco and Palo Alto, covering everything from policy management, routing and VPN configuration changes, to IPS protection and Data Loss Prevention amendments

Why Ultima?

We can help you create a performance baseline for your network, so you can using it to identify the first signs of performance degradation, giving you more time to locate and remediate the issue, before it develops into something that impinges upon business operations.

We can advise you about implementing leading network monitoring tools from Garner’s magic quadrant, helping to illuminate all four corners of your estate and giving you the insights you need to keep your network running optimally, 24×7.


Our connectivity assessments provide a detailed examination of your network, from wireless to wired, core to edge, and on premises to cloud, so you can ensure you are delivering the right kind of connectivity for your business


Using network virtualisation, our teams are able to create granular security zones within your data centre and cloud instances, that help isolate individual workloads and keep them secure.


With over 20 years’ experience in 24×7 IT support services, we use our considerable talent pool, alongside enterprise tools and common standards to deliver predictable costs, efficiency gains and greater IT value.

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