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Discover the power of hybrid cloud with our specialists. At Ultima we recognise the need for
ost containment, improved scalability and control, increased agility and innovation,
security and more robust business continuity – Hybrid Cloud does
it all.

We can assess and optimise your infrastructure to drive agility and cost-efficiency. Take the
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Does your infrastructure promote agility whilst remaining cost-effective?  

57% of companies are still using On-Premises Datacentres, but Cloud use is growing at tremendous speeds. 

With the rapid pace of technological change, we are seeing more organisations moving to Hybrid cloud models, which combine the best of both Public and Private cloud environments. This Hybrid Cloud model equips organisations with the flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiency they need to overcome these challenges. By adopting a Hybrid Cloud strategy, organisations can move away from inflated costs of legacy software models and deliver more innovation and agility. 

Where do you start?

89% of companies say they will use hybrid cloud services by 2025, and 95% of companies are already migrating applications to the cloud. However critically 50% of them find it more difficult than expected. 

We understand that different organisations have unique needs, and we aim to support them in finding the best solution for their bespoke requirements. To help, we are offering a complimentary Hybrid Cloud Assessment, to help customers to navigate these challenges.  

This assessment will provide recommendations around the following areas: 

  • Optimised Compute & Data Placement: We will help you determine which workloads are suitable for the public cloud and recommend on-premise technologies for scenarios requiring proximity to users 
  • Modernised Disaster Recovery: We will help you integrate cloud services to enhance and modernise your disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Centralised Management: We will help you efficiently operate and monitor resources across private and public clouds. 

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    Partnering with Ultima

    At Ultima, we are experts in Hybrid Cloud, and we can help you unlock its full potential. Our services include assessment and planning, architecture and design, cloud migration, integration and interoperability, security and compliance, management, and monitoring, with end-to-end training and support. 

    We work with our customers as trusted advisors, delivering vendor-agnostic advice and acting with integrity. Our hybrid cloud and data centre services are based on well-defined reference architectures, all delivered by experienced architects and consultants. 

    Contact us today to learn more or book an assessment with one of our specialists. 

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