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“As a technology services provider, we’re supporting public sector organisations across all industry sectors to streamline and modernise your workplace operations.

Our investment guarantees the highest level of technical know-how, procurement expertise, solutions and services to provide even higher value across all public sector industries including health, emergency services, education, local and national government.”

Danielle Connor, Head of Public Sector, Ultima.

Watch Danielle’s story here:

Watch Danielle’s story here:

On all essential public sector frameworks

We’re proud to be named suppliers on six public sector frameworks including all eight lots of TePAS putting us in a leadership position within the technology service sector.


The largest overall framework covering hardware, software and associated services, plus new direct award available. Verticalised lots are now available, integrating the previous Education Technology Framework, allowing NHS and Education customers to have their own niche product lots.

Benefits of TePAS 2

  • Demonstrable previous success, being the most utilised IT framework
  • Rigorous vetting of suppliers, meaning customers have access to the best of breed suppliers
  • Social value compliance is monitored to ensure supplier delivery
  • Thorough continuous supplier management to maintain regulatory compliance
  • Cost savings delivered by CCS of over £3.8bn over 22/23

Eligibility: All public sector organisations may use TePAS2

Digital Marketplace - G-Cloud 13

G-Cloud offers customers a catalogue of cloud related software, services and hosting solutions. Our entire range of cloud-related services have been accepted onto G-Cloud and are available to buy direct. For the full list visit:

Benefits of G-Cloud 13

  • Modern direct award via the catalogue of services
  • Multiple supplier offerings can be easily compared
  • Services made simple through repeatable service information template
  • Well utilised and popular framework due to access to over 5000 suppliers in one place
  • Reduced total cost of ownership compared to running your own service in house

All public sector organisations may use the digital marketplace

Commercial Services (KCS) – IT Managed Services and Consultancy

Originally developed by Kent County Council, it offers a flexible route to market for IT services for over 15,000 customers in 85 countries. The scope covers IT consultancy, incorporating a broad spectrum of associated products and services, making it an easy and compliant route to cover most IT solutions.

Benefits of KCS

  • Proven specialists in consultancy services
  • Broad scope to use as an easy one stop shop
  • Flexible route encompassing both further comp and direct award mechanisms to suit customer timescales/preferences
  • Avoid lengthy procurement processes
  • Cost savings through leading experts and competitive exercise


All public sector customers may use IT managed services and consultancy

CCS - Cyber Security Services 3

A Dynamic Purchasing System run by Crown Commercial Services, customers can buy through a supplier registration portal. This incorporates all cyber security services, including Security Operations Centres (SOC), consultancy, advice, audits, health checks, data destruction, DR and threat intelligence.

Benefits of Cyber Security Services 3

  • Official route to market to buy NCSC assured services
  • Agility and flexibility to meet the public sector’s cyber security needs
  • Adapts to the changing marketplace and new technologies as a dynamic purchasing system, meaning the scope is continually improving
  • Filtering system, giving customers flexibility based on need
  • Quality and price can be assessed based on an individual customer’s need


All public sector organisations may use Cyber Security Services 3

Automation Marketplace

A Dynamic Purchasing System run by Crown Commercial Services, customers can buy through a supplier registration portal. Primarily covers the whole scope of Ultima’s automation GTMs, including in-house services like IA-Connect and licencing. Can include training, strategy, design and problem solving.

Benefits of Automation Marketplace

  • Dynamic in nature as in-scope services can be added during the lifetime of the DPS
  • Government specific T&Cs
  • Access to the Cabinet Office Automation taskforce to receive advice and support from specialists in the implementation of automation technologies, services and licences
  • Filtering system, giving customers flexibility based on need
  • Ensures customers are receiving specialist automation specific suppliers, with proven skills


All public sector organisations may use automation marketplace


Healthtrust Europe (HTE) – Complete IT 3 (ComIT3)

Originally designed for healthcare by an NHS sponsor, this flexible and broad framework has since proven successful across all sectors. This is regularly used by central and local government, and even has the security measures to cover defence contractors. The benefits of the broad scope of one lot ensures that the successful 11 suppliers are able to expertly cover a whole range of IT services, and proven to be the best in the UK at this.


  • One of the more popular and most used IT frameworks
  • Broad scope ensures flexibility for procurement needs
  • Small number of suppliers means speedy processes
  • Rigorous selection procedure for suppliers ensuring proven experts in the industry
  • Direct award route allows for compliant, swift and protected purchases

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