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Keeping you and your business prepared, no matter what issues are thrown at you.

An Increasing
Volume of Outages

There has been no shortage of other headline-making attacks and outages over the past few years, and the fallout can be widespread, at best causing an inconvenience to staff and at worst shutting your business down entirely, sometimes for good.

And then there is the cost of recovery, which in turn can be substantial (millions of pounds), alongside the cost to implement a range of new backup and DR technologies to prevent a reoccurrence.


“With our cloud offerings, we have ensured that we align to every stage of a cloud adoption project. The aim is to ensure that Ultima can support customers, regardless of how advanced they are. Using this engagement model, I believe that working in partnership we are well positioned to achieve success delivering against customer objectives.”

Craig Wordsworth
Head of Cloud Presales, Ultima

Smarter security,
reliable resiliency

No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to predict and prevent disaster or downtime. That’s why it’s important to be prepared to continue business operations no matter what life throws at you. Ultima’s business continuity services can be tailored to suit all kinds of needs, no matter where you’re at in your journey.

Whether you’re responsible for a single backup or oversee information security as part of an internal team, we can help you find the right solution.

We can also put systems in place to help you seamlessly transition from onsite to remote working.

→ Packaged Services

Business Continuity Advisory Service

Aimed at reviewing your existing BCP strategies, before performing a gap analysis and making recommendations via a continual service improvement plan. on how the business should invest in its people, processes, premises and technologies to meet the business need.

Disaster Recovery Advisory Service

Review current infrastructure plans, DR approaches and requirements and provide insights on application and technology considerations, strategies to mitigate risks such as system outages, disruption to business applications, technical roadmaps and a program of works to deliver a Disaster Recovery solution or service.

Data Protection Advisory Service

Provide insights on application and technology considerations, strategies to mitigate risks such as ransomware, managing retention from backup to archive data, and ensure data can be recovered for legal purposes

Planning for Every

Operating without a suitable plan is like climbing without a harness.

For those that do maintain their BCP, they’ve historically been focused on physical disasters, cyber-attacks and disruptions to the supply chain, rather than a global pandemic with its periodic lockdowns and enforced remote working conditions.

→ Packaged Services

Disaster Recovery Design Services

Aimed at customers requiring a solution to be designed for private or public cloud, with solutions including Microsoft Azure Site Recovery, VMware Site Recovery Manager and Veeam DR Replication.

Data Protection / Backup Design Services

Our design service covers Microsoft Azure Backup and Veeam Backup.

Keeping you backed up, no matter the hour

With countless businesses becoming overly dependent on untested and unreliable backup and DR solutions (BDR), IT teams need to build and maintain systems with recovery in mind.

Like an insurance policy, organisations hope that they will never have to invoke a workplace recovery solution. You can sleep easy knowing that your plans have been designed, deployed and tested, long before they are needed. Check out our packaged services below so you can stay one step ahead.

→ Packaged Services

DR Deployment & Migration Services

Provides Disaster Recovery and migration services for the following technologies; Microsoft Azure Site Recovery, VMware Site Recovery Manager, and Veeam DR Replication across private and public cloud.

Backup Deployment & Migration Services

Provides a Backup solution and migration services for the following technologies; Microsoft Azure Backup and Veeam Backup across both private and public cloud.

Take control of your Cloud

Want all the benefits of cloud but without the hassle of managing it yourself? Look no further, our managed cloud offering is what you are looking for.

To combat the challenges associated with traditional public cloud models, Ultima’s Managed Cloud has been developed to extend the out-of-the-box Azure experience. With this managed service you can leverage automation and orchestration to help you take back control.

→ Packaged Services

Managed Cloud

Underpinned by Ultima IA-Cloud and ServiceNow and supported by our global team of Microsoft specialists, we are able to provide 24×7 support for your Azure platform and associated workloads and applications.

Why Ultima?

We recognise that placing critical IT services in the custody of a Managed Service Provider is a key decision, one that requires an organisation to consider reputation, completeness of vision and ability to execute.

We’ve been delivering managed services since 1998. Today, we support tens of thousands of users, across a broad cross-section of markets. Get in touch to get started.


14 x Microsoft Gold Competency Partner which ensures that Ultima is uniquely positioned to support and provide Cloud expertise


Our aim is to become a trusted partner, delivering the right solutions to build long-term relationships


A strong desire to solve technical challenges using innovative methods to deliver business value

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