Canalys Forum, Highlights Blog

I’m going to open this blog with possibly the least original statement ever – we’re living in a time of immense change. Politics, economics, pandemics, sustainability, […]

Ultima’s Patching as a Service Capabilities

Is there anything in the world more dull than Magnolia Paint…. The answer is yes, yes there is, Patching, yet it keeps many of us up […]

Microsoft Monthly Newsletter – October 2022

General Availability of Teams Phone Mobile Microsoft announce the General Availability of Teams Phone Mobile, previously known as Operator Connect Mobile, which gives users a single, […]

Ultima’s Volunteering Month and partnership with Million Mile Clean

September was Ultima’s volunteering month and with that we are excited to launch a new partnership with the Million Mile Clean. Suffers Against Sewage created their […]

Ultima and Mind Charity Partnership

At Ultima we are passionate about doing our part to support the community. This year we are delighted to be supporting Mind who provide advice and support to […]

Ultima combats climate change in partnership with Ecologi

Climate change is affecting our planet dramatically with CO2 in the atmosphere reaching record levels in May 2020, hitting 417 parts per million. The last time […]

The importance of maintaining work relationships

To coincide with international friendship day, we take a look at the importance of building relationships in the workplace. People are social creatures by nature and […]

How technology can help you contribute to a more sustainable future

With the increasing threat of climate change, it’s never been more important to do everything we can to work towards a more sustainable future. However, it […]

The value of supporting early in careers

At Ultima we are passionate about supporting early in careers and upskilling our workforce. Apprenticeship programmes are an important part of this, providing a learning structure […]
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