Automate your JML Process to Improve Security and Minimise Human Error

By nature, human error is normal. We’re not made to perform repetitive tasks at volume. On average, it’s usual to experience 10 to 30 errors per […]

Cisco Launches Two New Switches

Cisco has launched two new switches; Nexus 9232E and Cisco 8111. The Nexus-branded appliance runs Cisco’s in-house network operating system, while the latter is designed for […]

Microsoft increases prices for SQL Server Licensing

Microsoft has announced that they are increasing their SQL Server Licenses by 10% from 1st January 2023. This follows the launch of the SQL Server 2022 […]

SQL Server Software Assurance Benefits Improvements

New changes for SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery: Microsoft recently announced changes to the benefits available for organisations who purchase Software Assurance (SA) with […]

6 Perfect Applications for Hyperconverged Infrastructure

As hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) continues to mature, living up to its undoubted transformative potential, companies of all sizes are considering how best to use it to […]

Define and Build your Azure API App with Swagger-OpenAPI

Microsoft Azure provides the API App as part of its App Service offering. This supports companies or individuals exposing data and business processes over the web as an […]

Ultima’s Patching as a Service Capabilities

Is there anything in the world more dull than Magnolia Paint…. The answer is yes, yes there is, Patching, yet it keeps many of us up […]

Microsoft Monthly Newsletter – October 2022

General Availability of Teams Phone Mobile Microsoft announce the General Availability of Teams Phone Mobile, previously known as Operator Connect Mobile, which gives users a single, […]

Microsoft Monthly Newsletter – September 2022

Read below for all the latest news and updates from Microsoft this month. New Microsoft Teams Licensing On 1st September 2022, Microsoft retried Teams Room Standard […]
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